In a nutshell: I am a huge, huge fan of Instagram. And I want to be a part of your team.

Beyond the product, I love following the Instagram story — I think the team itself is doing really interesting things and would love to be a part of it this summer. I know you’re super busy — and my goal is to help you cross more items off that to-do list. There are three key ways I can meaningfully contribute to Instagram: helping build a great platform, developing product, and in general, getting stuff done. Check out my design portfolio here!

what i could do for you #1

Developer/Platform Love

I’ve learned a lot from my wonderful experiences at Microsoft’s .NET team and foursquare’s platform team — from helping host a global hackathon to creating videos for the WP7 blog. I also do the occasional hackathon and am a business/CS student.

So here are some immediate ways I think I can contribute to your platform:

Developer Tools: I’ve led and executed two major site redesigns for Microsoft and foursquare. I love Instagram, but felt that the developer site was lacking in helping developers get started with the API quickly. I redesigned the site — here’s a mock-up below.

Building Community: Here are some ways I think Instagram could build a strong, symbiotic community of developers (much like foursquare’s or Microsoft’s) and spread the word about the API:

  • Dedicated apps showcase on dev site — lets users quickly browse through existing apps and developers see examples of what can be done. I did this at foursquare — and actually wrote the case on Instagram!
  • Quick ‘n easy “Getting Started” guide — devs don’t want to read thru all that documentation!
  • Presence at hackathon / photo events like Photo Hack Day
  • Holding Instagram developer meet-ups — simple “tech talks” by engineers on what magic goes into building the app. Great way to recruit, too.
  • More frequent (ie. monthly or biweekly) “API Spotlight” posts on blog. A video would even be cool!
  • Monitoring of forums: StackOverflow, Quora, and the Google Group

— — — — — — — or — — — — — — —

what i could do for you #2

Being a Total PhotoNerd

I've been running my freelance lifestyle and commercial photography business for the last two years — Instagram is one of the few companies at which I’d be able to leverage both my photo + tech backgrounds. Some ideas —

My Insta-Stream (lovingly made with the Instagram API!)

Favorite selects from freelance work (flickr)

FILTER MAGIC: I know that you sometimes work with third party photogs to develop filters — and as a photographer I already make and use my own Photoshop actions all the time. My favorite filters are applied to my favorite past photos on the left.

PHOTO COMMUNITY/CONTENT CURATION: Part of my job is to network with other photogs online and, well, blog (aka curate great content). Instagram's blog does a great job of doing that too with Instagram photogs — so my skills would definitely be applicable in a community aspect.

— — — — — — — okay, so... — — — — — — —

I'm young, humble, and hungry.

I’m a huge fan of Instagram.

In fact it was probably 50% of the reason why I switched to an iPhone. Check out my Instagrid!

I’m a self-starter who isn’t afraid to look beyond conventional means of learning.

I run my own photo business — having never taken a photo class in my life. I took a semester off from school to work at foursquare and travel last fall when 99.9% of my classmates were interviewing for banking jobs.

I love what Instagram stands for. And I think your team is totally rad.

Instagram lets everyone — from seasoned photogs to newbies — capture and share their life in an engaging, beautiful way. Photography shouldn't be limited to people with fancy cameras and technical know-how!

"Wait, um, who is this girl again?"

Alice Lee

born & raised in cupertino, ca

20 y/o Deviant Student

Penn, Marketing + CS. 3.8*.

Took Fall 2011 off to work at foursquare and pursue freelance photo career. Went to Africa.

*Currently skipping class to write this. Rest assured this figure will change.

Techie, Programmer, Intern

Foursquare Platform Intern, F'11 (on TechCrunch!)

Microsoft .NET Framework Associate Product Manager, S'11


Favorite past clients: Coursekit, A Glimmer of Hope, NAHM (Ally Hilfiger), NY Times Education Group

Designer / Wannabe Letterer

This site was designed and programmed by Alice Lee within the span of 2.5 days, 4 skipped classes, and several bowls of ramen in attempts to wow and catch the eye of Instagram. It was designed and coded up from scratch.

Fonts used: Gotham, Buttermilk, Georgia. I enjoy typography + lettering. My latest creation.


instagrid | flickr | linkedin | github |

available for part-time freelance design + photo work! check out my design portfolio here!